Build Developer Communities

Nanuma is a consulting practice that pushes developer communities to reach their potential. We find a community's natural leaders and empower them to become influencers. We accelerate community growth through community management, editorial support and social networking integration.

Create Communities of Interest

Nanuma builds the underlying communities of interest needed to foster successful projects. Disassociating projects from ideas isolates developers because significant coding is always conceived within a larger intellectual framework. Creating and re-engaging communities of interest connects coders to ideas, and ideas to action.

Drive Content through Community Engagement

Community sites should leverage their membership to explore cutting edge questions. Nanuma recruits community members to make personal contributions, highlighting all who contribute to the larger conversation. Community engagement is dynamic - tracking and leading industry discussions.

Integrate Social Networking Strategies

It takes more than information to drive new ideas. Community leadership is a social act, and it is fueled by thinkers who evangelize innovation while collaborating on implementation. Nanuma creates social networking strategies that identify leaders and serve as a catalyst to action.

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